Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to build the latest hcidump.

In the previous article the "hcidump" was used for dumping bluetooth protocol packets. The binary package of "hcidump" is exists for Ubuntu and other widespread Linux distribution, but what about other distributions. For them we need to compile and install it from sources. So the following instructions will be useful:

1)Download the source code from the official site or checkout sources from repository. We will choose the second one, because it contains the latest patches and changes (sometime new bugs :( also ). "hcidump" uses Git source control system, so the git package is needed (Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install git). To check-out the sources run the following
$git clone git://

2)Enter "bluez-hcidump" directory. Now you need to configure the sources and then build them. It uses GNU build system, so we need to follow standard steps.
GNU build system(source: Wikipedia).
Before compiling ensure that you have the latest "BlueZ" library installed.
$ aclocal                                     # Generate "aclocal.m4" file
$ autoheader                              # Generate ""
$ autoconf                                  # Generate "configre" file
$ automake --add-missing          # Generate "" file and add missing files
$ ./configure                               # Configure
$ make                                        # Build hcidump
$ make install                             # Install

Now you have the latest hcidump tool.

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  1. I am still a beginner and need to use windows (I know it's lame). Is it possible to get the source code of hcidump? and how to proceed with windows and wireshark?