Monday, February 28, 2011

Bluetooth HCI

There are various protocols used in Bluetooth. One of them is the HCI(Host/Controller interface) protocol, which is used in the communication between the host stack(BlueZ or Affix) and the controller(Bluetooth chip). Today using the "scanner" program from the previous article and the "hcidump" tool we will see how the HCI protocol packets look like. The "hcidump" tool dumps HCI data coming from and going to a Bluetooth controller (Ubuntu users can install it by "sudo apt-get install bluez-hcidump"). To view dumped files we need the wireshark program also (Ubuntu users: sudo apt-get install wireshark).
Run hcidump in background mode and then run the "scanner"
$ sudo hcidump -i hci0 -w dump &
$ ./scanner

By the -i option Bluetooth device is specified and by the -w option the output file is specified.
When "scanner" finish, kill the background hcidump and then open "dump" file with wireshark program:
In the screenshot you can see two type of HCI packets: HCI_CMD -- computer sends commands to the controller and HCI_EVT -- the controller sends the result. The info column of HCI_CMD packets shows the command sent within a packed. Two type of commands shown in screenshot: "Inquiry" (op code: 0x0401) and "Remote Name Request" (op code: 0x0419). They are the commands sent when the "hci_inquiry" and the "hci_read_remote_name" functions where called(see the source code of "scanner").

The selected packet is a description of the device find by the scanner (as we can see from the fields "BD_ADDR" and "Class of Device" it is a Nokia mobile phone).

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